Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gems cut so far from new rough!

I have been pretty busy with customer orders but have made some time to cut a few stones for my own inventory.This is a 2.1 ct Rubelite tourmaline from the new parcel I received .I also cut a matched pair of trillion hot pinks which will make a gorgeous set of earrings  and will post a pic as soon as I have the time to take a photo,I've noticed with this material that it  is hard to reproduce the exact color,the stone above is actually hot pink/purple with some peach highlights,the peach highlights do not show and the exact amount of purple also is not exact.I will have to play around a bit more with camera settings to try to get it 100% or as close as I can get.However this material is all natural with no heat so I believe the multicolor reflections are an asset.Origin is Nigeria and the cut is just spectacular with awesome flashes when moved,notice no table because the petal like facets come to a point where the table would normally go.

Custom Cut Gems

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