Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Well, thanksgiving has come and gone.I certainly hope everyone had a happy turkey day.Bonnie and I drove up to friends in Jupiter Florida and a good time was had by all,we had to drive back Thursday evening and got back to the keys around 9:30pm pretty beat.It's always great to sleep in your own bed again.

On another note,rough gem material of good quality is becoming more scarce and  more expensive,this is not good for  cutters(The rough suppliers still get their price) due to the customer expecting great quality at a better price because of the economy but the cutter has to pay more for the material,everyone is putting their prices up but I will try to hold mine as long as possible without sacrificing quality. The old adage still applies "How do you make a fortune in the gem business?" answer: "Start with an even larger one". Happy holidays!
Custom cut gemstones

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