Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big rhodolite garnet

I cut this 6ct pink/red purple rhodolite from a 25 ct piece of  Tanzanian rough.The rough stone was perfectly shaped for a triangle but I opted for a rectangular shape instead.This resulted in a lower yield but I am very pleased with the final result.The stone changes from red  in artificial light to the typical rhodolite pink/red/ purple in natural light.I got rave reviews on this stone on the forums so I don't expect it to last too long in my inventory.I've priced it at the smaller stone per ct price because it is medium/dark in saturation,if it were a shade or two lighter it would sell for twice the price! Nevertheless it is perfectly cut and 10x loupe flawless and would make a killer ring or pendant stone.
Custom Cut Gems

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  1. Beautiful! Who ever ends up with this stone is a luck person!