Friday, January 28, 2011

Latest news!

Well after a hectic holiday season January has as usual been fairly quiet.This has given me some time to cut for inventory instead of filling custom orders.On the rough stone front things have been extremely quiet for months and even quieter recently,none of the usual rough suppliers have much in stock and what they do have has sold quickly.The reason for this is that the rainy season has closed a lot of the mines in Africa temporarily and the general slowdown in the world economy over the past two years has taken it's toll as well.The demand for good quality gemstones is recovering fast but the supply of rough material has so far not kept up.

On a more cheerful note here's a couple pictures of the latest stones which will be up for sale on the website soon. A nice bright orange spessartite garnet in a classic cushion design at 1.7ct and 6.4mm and a lovely flawless honey zircon in a unique barion oval design at 2.56ct and 9x6mm.Enjoy!

Custom Cut Gems

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