Friday, February 4, 2011

New stones!

I cut a few stones for my inventory the last couple days,first up is a 7mm 3.3ct spessartite garnet set.This material is from Nigeria and is very clean for spessartite.Second is a honey zircon at 2,2cts.It's a very bright stone and flawless.Zircon got a bad reputation many years ago when it was sold as diamond because of the high refractive index,many people also mistakenly associate the name with cubic zirconia.This reputation is totally undeserved as zircon is a natural stone except for blue zircon which is almost always heated.Some day zircon will go the same way as spinel in price,spinel used to be passed off as sapphire and buyers wouldn't touch it for many years,these days it commands almost the same price as it's cousin sapphire.
Custom Cut Gemstones


  1. Wow look at that Zircon! I love you cuts Lloyd you create such flawless stones!