Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New gems!

I just finished up this gorgeous hot pink/purple rubelite tourmaline from old early 90's stock.
There has been absolutely none of this material coming out of the mines for a good few years now,this is one of the smaller pieces from the parcel and cut out to 1.5ct and 7.3mm. vvs - flawless
This material sells easily for $800 - $1000/ct for larger stones but the blog price for this piece
is $825.00,if it gets to the website the price per ct will increase.

I had some time after finishing the rubelite above to cut some more of this beautiful large Montana sapphire,this image shows the crown of the stone rough cut,there are still three steps in the cutting process,fine cut,prepolish and final polish with 60 000 grit diamond.
This beauty is 8.12mm wide and I should get some time between commissioned jobs to finish it up within the next day or so.

Custom cut gemstones

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