Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sapphire's on sale.

I have decided to offer the sapphire's currently listed on our website at a substantial discount for a limited time,this is a great opportunity if there is something there you like.
Quite frankly I shouldn't be doing this because these stones are worth every bit of what they're currently priced at but some of these have been on the website for a good while...the reason,well most of them are under 2 cts and they are unusual colors like purple/blue instead of the royal blue that always seems to be in demand.
Personally I prefer the unusual colors,this is one reason the Montana sapphires are in such demand right now and that's because almost all of them color shift in some way or another.
These African and Australian stones are all guaranteed no heat or treatments of any kind which is another plus,something you rarely see with Srilankan sapphire's.

This very nice Australian blue/green stone is a bit darker than the picture shows but is a great size at 1.8ct and 7.6mm vs,$400/ct.

This amazing little vivid purple stone is really something that must be seen to be appreciated and weighs in at 1.2ct 7.2x5.2mm,it has some faint rutile needles which are not eye visible and do not impact the brilliance of the gem. $500/ct

This is a nice little Winza Tanzanian light blue very clean sapphire,
1.12ct and 6mm $400/ct

Please note that I still offer a full refund on these stones but require a maximum two day inspection period from the day of receipt.

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