Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly specials!

Iv'e decided to offer up some gemstones on a "weekly special" basis for a while,please note that these stones will only be at the blog "special price" for a week from this post date unless someone contacts me after the week is up and I decide to give them the special price anyway.

Without further ceremony here are this weeks specials:

I'm offering this superb 8.2mm 2.4ct medium pink Asscher cut Cameroon tourmaline for $720 plus shipping for this week only,this is $240.00 off list price.See website Custom cut gems for more details.

This superb set of 7mm 2.5  hot pink Nigerian for $400,that's $50 off list which is low as it is at $450

This beautiful light 5.2ct Nigerian morganite is offered at $100/ct for this week,it's a nice big,bright stone with a gorgeous pink color,the high performance oval design has a short length to width ratio which prevents a lot of the tilt performance loss often seen in ovals,the picture really does this stone no justice at all.Irreplaceable at this price!

All Aquamarine's at approximately 50% for this week.I have listed the individual stones with a clickable link to the actual gem on the website for more details on each particular stone.

Aquamarine Q3 on the website offered at only $120/ct see website here for more details. Custom gem cutter

Aquamarine Q6 is also on special at $120/ct,a give away price for this beautiful eye shaped Nigerian aqua here Custom cut gemstones

Aqua Q5 also offered at $120/ct  here Precision cut gemstones

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