Monday, April 25, 2016

All tourmaline gemstones on sale!

For the month of May only all tourmaline's will be on sale at a 20% discount.

We've also added some lovely new gems since the last time I posted on the blog.
Some new garnets from Mozambique plus a stunning 1.34 carat Namibian demantoid garnet which is not yet listed and on a pre website special at $850.00 an absolute bargain for this material which sells in the thousands per carat.

                                  Namibian demantoid garnet.

                                  This large 3.9ct Mozambican pyrope garnet is absolutely stunning in this design and one of the brightest I've seen in my ten plus years of cutting.

All these Custom cut gems available at Clear Cut Gems website.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Starting the year off with some great new gemstones!

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on the blog,time just seems to get away from us in the hustle and bustle of day to day living.

Since the last post there have been many stones cut and sold and I hope to provide a varied choice of some top gemstones this year.

Good quality rough gems are harder than ever to acquire and prices are still high and climbing especially in mainstream staples such as tourmaline's which are prohibitively expensive in places like Nigeria at present.
This makes it very challenging for the American cutter to offer cut goods at reasonable prices to the consumer but at Clear Cut Gems we have not increased our prices from last year and plan to keep it that way for 2016 while still offering top quality goods.

As always if you're looking for something specific please contact us and we'll do our best to find it and cut it for you.

The following are a couple of the stones I've added to inventory in January so far and I have some large quality Nigerian bi color tourmaline's that still are begging to be cut,I managed to secure them at very reasonable prices compared to what is being charged now and will pass these savings on to our clients.

A very fine mint green tourmaline cut in a classic Asscher,this stone is quite clean except for a tiny veil off to the side and a few spots which do not affect the beauty of this remarkable stone..Weight is 2.5ct dimensions 8.1mm and clarity is vs,price $1500.00

This beauty is a flawless Nigerian tourmaline which was cut from a pink stone with a blue fringe along the edges,unfortunately I couldn't keep any of the blue in the finished piece but there are blue highlights in the flashes of pink from this stone which is unusual for a bubblegum pink tourmaline like this.
This one weighs in at 2.5ct and  9.75x8.2mm so a nice sized gem for a ring or pendant!

Offered at only $850.00 from Clear Cut Gems website on the link below.

Custom Cut Gems

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New rough material.

I have some very nice rough material coming in from our contact in Nigeria,this material is all hoarded old stock from the 1980's and early nineties,it's from his personal collection.There have been no new finds of this material for a very long time especially in these sizes and most likely never will be again.
These pieces include 30 and 17ct mint blue tourmalines,a large 50ct bi color tourmaline,some very nice more saturated green/blues and an unusual large lemon colored tourmaline.

As usual if you see something you'd like to have as a commissioned piece feel free to contact me and dont forget to check out our website here custom cut gems

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some new gems cut!

Here are some new gem completed  June 15th and 16th and available for purchase.

Namibian indicolite tourmaline with superb color,this gemstone has very little if any discernible green.These Namibian stones are very hard to find especially in this color.
It has a few small inclusions off to one side which are visible in the picture but not with the naked eye,bear in mind this image is magnified many time the actual size,one of these tiny inclusions breaks the surface and could not be removed in the cutting process and again is not eye visible,I usually don't cut anything quite this small anymore unless for a set but in this case the color is so superb that it more than makes up for the size.
6.25mm 1.2ct vs currently available at pre website listing price of $550.00

A sparkling bright and very unusual pair of watermelon Oregon sunstone's,these gems just pop,color shows predominantly a golden orange with slight green border around the edges.
vs ( a few spots visible under 10X magnification ) One facet has a few inclusions which couldn't be removed in the polish stage but does not affect the appearance of the stone in any way.
6.5mm 2.2ct vs Currently available at pre website listing price of $375.00

Custom cut gemstones

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A big orange.

I cut this large 14mm 11.9ct flawless Nigerian tourmaline a couple weeks ago and have not yet listed it on the website so I thought I would post it here for some "eye candy" - enjoy!
Oh by the way it has not been offered yet and so is available if you're interested.

Custom cut gemstones

Monday, May 11, 2015

Something exotic!

I cut this beautiful old stock Nigerian rubelite recently,this material is very hard to find especially in the last few years as the mines have not produced any new material for a very long time and what is available is jealously guarded in a few select collections.
The gem is a nice medium untreated hot pink with purple highlights.Natural rubelite will usually have some purple in the stronger colors,unlike the red/red heated and irradiated material you see so much of these days and quite honestly red/red doesn't occur naturally in tourmaline except in the rarest of occasions.
The stone is flawless and weighs 6.1 carats 12.74x11.28,it would make a gorgeous big ring stone or is equally well suited for a pendant stone.Call or email for price.

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few new stones.

Here's a few new gems I cut which will be available at my 'Pre website listing' price's,I'm making this a standard practice from now on to offer my valued regular clients 'first dibs' on newly cut gems at a quick sale price.

First up is an exceptional Umbalite garnet pair from Tanzania at 5.9mm and 2.0 cts total.
These light bubblegum pink calibrated stones are in one of my very favorite bright designs and really pop,clarity is vvs - flawless.Of course garnet in this tone and saturation is not easy to find,I would use the term 'rare' but that is relative.
Available for a limited time at $365.00 These gems have since sold.

Next up is this nineties mined,old stock hot pink rubelite tourmaline from Nigeria,the color of this stone is the classic deep hot color which gave rubelite it's name,I quite honestly have not seen any of this rare material around for a very long time,this is one of the smaller pieces I managed to acquire recently,I have only one much larger stone still to cut.Specs for this beauty is 7.4mm, 1.5ct vvs
and offered at $1200.00 for a limited time.

Custom Cut Gems