Sunday, February 16, 2014

New rough material on the way!

Pictured below is some of the new rough material I have received.

Beautiful pink/peach morganite.

American Custom Cut Gemstones

New gems and rough material

We are just coming out of the quiet period after the holidays,it's typical for this time of year when everyone has spent a lot of their disposable income on vacations and or gifts.
I have been cutting some great stones and we have some new rough material on the way from Africa including hot pink Kenyan garnets,tourmaline and some beautiful morganite.
Morganite is part of the beryl family of gems along with Aquamarine and Emerald and makes spectacular pink to peach gemstones.

Here's a couple of the stones cut for our inventory so far this year.These beautiful gems are still currently available at our website.If you didn't take advantage of our Valentine's day sale now is the time as the sale is being extended for a few more days at 25% off all gems.

A rare stunning green/teal Oregon sunstone

A very unusual bright yellow African tourmaline with a burned orange center.

Custom Cut Gemstones