Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current rough stones available

Here is some of the rough inventory available to be cut to your specs.
First up is a nice chunky light pink tourmaline from Nigeria which would cut a beautiful 8 -9mm round or square,the picture really does this material no justice.

Next is two very special juicy bubblegum pink med/light Nigerian tourmalines which would cut a set of rectangles or squares in the 6 - 7mm range.Top material!

This is a beautiful blocky mint green similar in color to the mint green round fancy cut on the website,it will cut around 8mm square or round,the color was hard to reproduce in this photo but it is top quality clean material.

Some very nice mint green Nigerian tourmaline,again the color is much more light mint except for the more neon darker green piece in the foreground,these will cut elongated sets to smaller rectangles and squares.
 Some nice fairly clean light/medium blue Aquamarine from Nigeria which will cut elongated rectangles,squares and regular rectangles,some of these will cut vvs and some flawless while others will be slightly included.