Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No website updates.

I just wanted to notify all our clients and followers that there will be no Clear Cut Gems website updates until April sometime.In the meantime I will post new stones and rough material availability on this blog.

Gemstone photography is tricky,sometimes a digital image will show a gemstone color accurately and do the stone justice,other times the image may need to be manipulated in photoshop to get as close to the true color of the gemstone as possible,this is absolutely common practice when selling gems on the internet and is used as a last resort to try and portray the 'problem' stone accurately as no reputable gem dealer wants their client to be disappointed because the color is so different than the image.Often many images need to be taken to capture the essence of a gem and do it justice.It would be much easier if we could just display video of every gem to show light reflection,scintillation and movement but this is not practical unfortunately.

A good example of initial images not doing a gemstone justice is this 10mm Oregon sunstone pictured below,the face up pictures on my website did not show the stone anywhere near the real beauty and needed to be re photographed.The image below came out of the camera at the correct color so no photo shopping was needed except for a bit of extra sharpening,unfortunately there is no way to add this picture until April..

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