Friday, December 5, 2014

New tourmaline added!

Here is a really nice bubblegum pink tourmaline I cut for inventory which will be listed here: custom cut gemstones soon.It is really high quality Cameroon material with what they term "fine water" in the industry,in other words exceptionally clear and almost flawless except for a small veil close to the girdle which is not eye visible and doesn't affect the integrity of the stone in any way.
Specs are 2.4ct and 8.2mm vvs. Available at a special price of $350/ct until listed on the website.

 Custom cut gems

Friday, November 28, 2014

Latest news!

Well I fin ally have some updates done to the website but it still needs some fine tuning,in the meantime if you're looking for something and can't find it on the site just contact me,I may have it or be able to source it rough and cut it for you.

Two custom cut gemstones from Clear Cut Gems were features in the beautiful new collection by Diamond Boutique of London U.K call 'Elements'.The theme is fire,water,air,earth and so on.
Picture below is the custom designed Mozambique aquamarine and the Tanzanian untreated sapphire set in two amazing designs.

Please visit us at Clear Cut Gems here: Custom Cut Gemstones and if you're a jeweler or dealer contact us for our wholesale pricing.

Monday, November 17, 2014

New gemstones for November.

The following are some of the new tourmalines which will be added to our website shortly,as usual they were custom cut by me personally to very high standards of accuracy and in very unique designs.

A beatiful Oro Nigeria green/blue tourmaline,this stone has a small veil which extends to just under the table but is only eye visible under intense scrutiny,very bright and almost paraiba type glow.
2.75ct 7.7mm SI.This material is hard to find these days but this one is priced down about 50% because of the inclusion mentioned above.

Next up is a nice large orange tourmaline from Nigeria cut in a very unique  barion oval which blows most ovals away.
5.7ct 13x10.3mm flawless.

Custom cut gemstones

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sapphire sale!

I am offering a 40% discount on all sapphires from now until the end of October,that is just eleven days.Visit Clear Cut Gems and pick yours out while stocks last.

Custom Cut Gems

Friday, October 17, 2014

New gemstones cut!

Clear Cut Gems website is in need of updating,some inventory has been sold and there are some pretty exciting new stones to add.Since it will probably be a few weeks before I can get the site updated I thought I would post the new offering here on the blog with pricing.

First up is a beautiful Nigerian hot pink red and slight purple all natural rubelite tourmaline cut in a modern custom cushion design.This beautiful stone shows a bit more extinction and some purple which is not evident in this picture.
5.2 carats,10,3mm,clarity vvs,some very tiny inclusions which are hard to find under 10x magnification. Available at $600 per carat.

Next up is a stunning medium hot pink and red Nigerian tourmaline in a custom barion trilliant cut.
There is nothing ordinary about this stone whatsoever,it's very bright and a good size at 4.7ct and 10.7mm vvs,one tiny veil only visible under 10x magnification and hard to find and a few faint needles on one side of the stone near one of the points also barely visible only under 10x magnification.Currently available at $800 per carat.

This photo was taken indoors in cfl lighting.

This image was taken outdoors in in indirect natural sunlight.

Both of these very valuable gemstones available through Clear Cut Gems.
Just call me on 305 600 8630 or email me on

Friday, September 19, 2014

New stone for inventory!

I haven't had much time to cut for website inventory lately but had some down time from commissioned jobs this past Sunday and cut this beautiful 2.6ct 8.9mm tourmaline.
It is an unusual stone in that it displays three different colors when turned,it's mainly a very light peach and shows pink and a gold color as the stone is rocked.
It is available at $390 which is only $150 per carat.

custom cut gems

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clear Cut Gems sale!

I will be having a 25% off all listed gems for the month of September only,this doesn't happen that often and so is a great chance to pick up that stone you've had your eye on for a while at a much reduced price.

Gems like this beautiful purple Winza sapphire will be available at unbeatable prices for quality precision cutting but only for a limited time.
Visit us at Custom Cut Gemstones today and pick your gemstone out.

Monday, August 11, 2014

New sapphire

I recently cut this beautiful untreated Australian sapphire,it has a small veil on one edge of the gem which is only visible under 10x magnification and is slightly darker than the picture shows.I'm not able to update the website at this time so I am making this gem available here.Stats are 1.82ct 6.7mm,available at $1400.00

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why would someone bother copying Amethyst?

Why do companies make fake or lab grown amethyst? There are several reasons for this,number one is is because of the color.If you've even seen the color of top quality amethyst in person you will always love this member of the quartz family for it's rich purple,magenta and blue flashes.
Another reason is because amethyst while still a bargain price compared to other gem species has steadily gained in value to where it is no longer considered so much a "semi precious gem" this makes it worth faking.
Cheap amethyst rings with poorly cut fake stones abound as do more expensive and larger amethyst look alike's.

The bottom line is that excellent quality custom cut amethyst's can be bought with verified natural origins and many times with a picture of the actual  rough material the stone was cut from,of course you will only get this from small artisan cutters in the United states,Canada,Australia and some European countries.

So if you're a quartz lover and happen to be looking for that special amethyst  don't be duped into buying a cheap synthetic but rather purchase a finely crafted natural stone from an artist and have something you would be proud to pass on as an heirloom.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Something unusual!

I managed to get my webmaster to do some updates to Clear Cut Gems and another update will be done in the next few days to accurately display current inventory.

In the meantime I wanted to post a pic of the phenomenal Australian sapphire I managed to obtain a few days ago and will be cutting soon.It is a nice medium royal blue on one axis and a pale blue with a hint of green on the other axis,I think these two colors will mix to finish a great color untreated stone in the 4 -5 ct range,the rough weight is 16.5ct.

Custom cut gemstones

Thursday, April 3, 2014

No website updates for now.

There will be no website updates on Clear Cut Gems website for a while so in the meantime I will be posting new gemstones here on the blog.If you are interested in purchasing any of these you can email me for pricing details and any questions.

Here is a very nice pair of Nigerian spessertites I cut last week,I thought these would have been snapped up right away but surprisingly they are still available.
2.35 carats 6.5x5.3mm and flawless which is rare for spesssertite,usually these gems have at least a few inclusions.As mentioned,please email or call if interested.

Custom Cut Gems

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No website updates.

I just wanted to notify all our clients and followers that there will be no Clear Cut Gems website updates until April sometime.In the meantime I will post new stones and rough material availability on this blog.

Gemstone photography is tricky,sometimes a digital image will show a gemstone color accurately and do the stone justice,other times the image may need to be manipulated in photoshop to get as close to the true color of the gemstone as possible,this is absolutely common practice when selling gems on the internet and is used as a last resort to try and portray the 'problem' stone accurately as no reputable gem dealer wants their client to be disappointed because the color is so different than the image.Often many images need to be taken to capture the essence of a gem and do it justice.It would be much easier if we could just display video of every gem to show light reflection,scintillation and movement but this is not practical unfortunately.

A good example of initial images not doing a gemstone justice is this 10mm Oregon sunstone pictured below,the face up pictures on my website did not show the stone anywhere near the real beauty and needed to be re photographed.The image below came out of the camera at the correct color so no photo shopping was needed except for a bit of extra sharpening,unfortunately there is no way to add this picture until April..

Custom Cut Gems

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New rough material on the way!

Pictured below is some of the new rough material I have received.

Beautiful pink/peach morganite.

American Custom Cut Gemstones

New gems and rough material

We are just coming out of the quiet period after the holidays,it's typical for this time of year when everyone has spent a lot of their disposable income on vacations and or gifts.
I have been cutting some great stones and we have some new rough material on the way from Africa including hot pink Kenyan garnets,tourmaline and some beautiful morganite.
Morganite is part of the beryl family of gems along with Aquamarine and Emerald and makes spectacular pink to peach gemstones.

Here's a couple of the stones cut for our inventory so far this year.These beautiful gems are still currently available at our website.If you didn't take advantage of our Valentine's day sale now is the time as the sale is being extended for a few more days at 25% off all gems.

A rare stunning green/teal Oregon sunstone

A very unusual bright yellow African tourmaline with a burned orange center.

Custom Cut Gemstones