Saturday, January 31, 2015

New rough gems!

We have a parcel of rich orange spessertite garnets on the way,these are smaller stones suited to sets.
If you have an interest in commissioning a custom stone/s from these in a design of your choice please let us know as they will not last long.

American custom cut gemstones

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New stone available.

An all natural Pakistani imperial topaz cut in a custom round brilliant design.
This stone is so bright it would rival a diamond in light return - 1.95 ct 7.2mm flawless.
Available at $100/ct from custom cut gems

Precision cut gems

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gems no longer available!

Since I'm having a hard time getting website updates done on time I will post sold stones here on the blog so as not to waste my clients time having them try to buy gemstones which are already sold.

Latest sold is the 2.45ct bubblegum pink tourmaline and this Portuguese cut 5ct amethyst pictured here.

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new gemstone today!

I just finished this beautiful pool blue/green Nigerian indicolite tourmaline.
This stone was very time consuming because of the inclusions which had to be carefully removed and the end result is a compromise between a bigger included stone and a smaler clean one.

!.5ct 8x6mm vvs clarity very clean gemstone.Available for a limited time at $950.00 before it goes to the website,please contact me at to purchase.

Custom Cut Gemstones

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clear Cut Gems sale!

I have decided to extend the website sale but at 15% off list price on all gems through Valentines day 2015.Gems like this excellent green/blue tourmaline barion cushion recently sold for a s much as $245 off regular pricing which is an unbeatable value.

These are not gemstones you will find in many jewelers stores and discerning buyers who know and appreciate the huge difference are growing in numbers.A beautiful rare rough gemstone deserves the best cutting that money can buy and that's what you'll find at CCG.

I also do custom precision cutting on request so if you have a particular gemstone species in mind which is not on our website,I may be able to find and cut it for you in a design of your choice.
I will also cut your own rough material for a nominal fee.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous new year and hope you try CCG for your colored gemstone needs in 2015!

Custom Cut Gemstones