Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Montana sapphire!

I have to admit the more I deal with these all American sapphire's the more enthralled I am by their beauty,some of them have an ethereal glow in the rough state that I've seldom seen in other sapphire's.
The beauty of these stones is very hard to capture with a digital processor but the human eye does perceive the subtle color play - no wonder they are in such high demand lately.
If you only like the rich royal blue of Kashmir or Ceylon sapphires then these gems are not for you but if you appreciate the exquisite mix of colors and subtle color shift of these all natural unheated gems then I doubt you would be disappointed in one of these beauties!

Pictured below is another two pictures of the 7.4ct very clean well shaped piece I'll be cutting soon as well as a smaller very clean 5.7ct stone which will yield around a 7mm square.
The hand shot clearly shows the beautiful blue/green of the stone,all were shot in natural subdued,indirect sunlight.

Custom cut gems

Friday, March 27, 2015

A nice sapphire pair!

These nice clean all natural Australian parti colored sapphires will cut a 6.5 to 7.0mm set of earrings or accent stones.

Custom Precision Cut Gems

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Garnets just in!

We just received this small parcel of very nice rhodolite garnets,they aren't big stones but they're clean and will cut some nice sets,a few are hard to find lighter toned gemstones.

Custom cut gemstones

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New rough gemstones!

I've acquired some top quality new select rough gemstones which are ready to be cut into spectacular custom designs.Listed below with images are just a few of these superb stones.

Custom gem cutting

A high quality blue/green color shift Montana sapphire of over 7ct,this gorgeous,well shaped stone should cut a stunning 2 - 3ct oval or round.

Custom cut gems

This old stock 90's premium quality rubelite tourmaline weighs in at over 21ct and is well shaped for a spectacular 8-10ct gem.There is just none of this quality type material coming out of the mines these days.

An 8+ct Tajic spinel from Afghanistan,this stone is nice and clean and will cut approximately an 8mm square or round gemstone.

Custom cut gemstones

Monday, March 16, 2015

Specials on certain gems

We've reduced the price on certain gems to make way for new inventory,some of these premium stones are priced very attractively and could not be replaced at these prices.Check it out!

Just two examples are this very fine one of a kind  20 carat custom Uruguayan amethyst reduced from $1850 to $1026,over $800 and this very fine and rare green Oregon sunstone reduced from $2650 -$1900,a reduction of more than $700.Never to be offered at these prices again.

This gem is now sold!

Custom Cut Gemstones