Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New rough material.

I have some very nice rough material coming in from our contact in Nigeria,this material is all hoarded old stock from the 1980's and early nineties,it's from his personal collection.There have been no new finds of this material for a very long time especially in these sizes and most likely never will be again.
These pieces include 30 and 17ct mint blue tourmalines,a large 50ct bi color tourmaline,some very nice more saturated green/blues and an unusual large lemon colored tourmaline.

As usual if you see something you'd like to have as a commissioned piece feel free to contact me and dont forget to check out our website here custom cut gems

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some new gems cut!

Here are some new gem completed  June 15th and 16th and available for purchase.

Namibian indicolite tourmaline with superb color,this gemstone has very little if any discernible green.These Namibian stones are very hard to find especially in this color.
It has a few small inclusions off to one side which are visible in the picture but not with the naked eye,bear in mind this image is magnified many time the actual size,one of these tiny inclusions breaks the surface and could not be removed in the cutting process and again is not eye visible,I usually don't cut anything quite this small anymore unless for a set but in this case the color is so superb that it more than makes up for the size.
6.25mm 1.2ct vs currently available at pre website listing price of $550.00

A sparkling bright and very unusual pair of watermelon Oregon sunstone's,these gems just pop,color shows predominantly a golden orange with slight green border around the edges.
vs ( a few spots visible under 10X magnification ) One facet has a few inclusions which couldn't be removed in the polish stage but does not affect the appearance of the stone in any way.
6.5mm 2.2ct vs Currently available at pre website listing price of $375.00

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A big orange.

I cut this large 14mm 11.9ct flawless Nigerian tourmaline a couple weeks ago and have not yet listed it on the website so I thought I would post it here for some "eye candy" - enjoy!
Oh by the way it has not been offered yet and so is available if you're interested.

Custom cut gemstones

Monday, May 11, 2015

Something exotic!

I cut this beautiful old stock Nigerian rubelite recently,this material is very hard to find especially in the last few years as the mines have not produced any new material for a very long time and what is available is jealously guarded in a few select collections.
The gem is a nice medium untreated hot pink with purple highlights.Natural rubelite will usually have some purple in the stronger colors,unlike the red/red heated and irradiated material you see so much of these days and quite honestly red/red doesn't occur naturally in tourmaline except in the rarest of occasions.
The stone is flawless and weighs 6.1 carats 12.74x11.28,it would make a gorgeous big ring stone or is equally well suited for a pendant stone.Call or email for price.

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few new stones.

Here's a few new gems I cut which will be available at my 'Pre website listing' price's,I'm making this a standard practice from now on to offer my valued regular clients 'first dibs' on newly cut gems at a quick sale price.

First up is an exceptional Umbalite garnet pair from Tanzania at 5.9mm and 2.0 cts total.
These light bubblegum pink calibrated stones are in one of my very favorite bright designs and really pop,clarity is vvs - flawless.Of course garnet in this tone and saturation is not easy to find,I would use the term 'rare' but that is relative.
Available for a limited time at $365.00 These gems have since sold.

Next up is this nineties mined,old stock hot pink rubelite tourmaline from Nigeria,the color of this stone is the classic deep hot color which gave rubelite it's name,I quite honestly have not seen any of this rare material around for a very long time,this is one of the smaller pieces I managed to acquire recently,I have only one much larger stone still to cut.Specs for this beauty is 7.4mm, 1.5ct vvs
and offered at $1200.00 for a limited time.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I love Montana sapphire's

I just finished this beautiful 2.65 carat 8mm Montana sapphire,although the picture shows a bit more blue than in hand,some silk is fairly typical for these stones but if the stone is oriented correctly before cutting the effect can be minimized as in the case of this stone.
This one is already sold but I will likely be getting some more rough material soon.

American custom cut gems

Monday, April 27, 2015

Beautiful tourmaline ring!

I always love it when client's send me pictures of the jewelry they make with my gems.
I recently got this picture from my client of the ring he had made from a beautiful blue/green Nigerian tourmaline.Enjoy and feel free to contact me personally to commission a custom cut gem of your own.

custom cut gemstones

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New gems!

I just finished up this gorgeous hot pink/purple rubelite tourmaline from old early 90's stock.
There has been absolutely none of this material coming out of the mines for a good few years now,this is one of the smaller pieces from the parcel and cut out to 1.5ct and 7.3mm. vvs - flawless
This material sells easily for $800 - $1000/ct for larger stones but the blog price for this piece
is $825.00,if it gets to the website the price per ct will increase.

I had some time after finishing the rubelite above to cut some more of this beautiful large Montana sapphire,this image shows the crown of the stone rough cut,there are still three steps in the cutting process,fine cut,prepolish and final polish with 60 000 grit diamond.
This beauty is 8.12mm wide and I should get some time between commissioned jobs to finish it up within the next day or so.

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly specials!

Iv'e decided to offer up some gemstones on a "weekly special" basis for a while,please note that these stones will only be at the blog "special price" for a week from this post date unless someone contacts me after the week is up and I decide to give them the special price anyway.

Without further ceremony here are this weeks specials:

I'm offering this superb 8.2mm 2.4ct medium pink Asscher cut Cameroon tourmaline for $720 plus shipping for this week only,this is $240.00 off list price.See website Custom cut gems for more details.

This superb set of 7mm 2.5  hot pink Nigerian for $400,that's $50 off list which is low as it is at $450

This beautiful light 5.2ct Nigerian morganite is offered at $100/ct for this week,it's a nice big,bright stone with a gorgeous pink color,the high performance oval design has a short length to width ratio which prevents a lot of the tilt performance loss often seen in ovals,the picture really does this stone no justice at all.Irreplaceable at this price!

All Aquamarine's at approximately 50% for this week.I have listed the individual stones with a clickable link to the actual gem on the website for more details on each particular stone.

Aquamarine Q3 on the website offered at only $120/ct see website here for more details. Custom gem cutter

Aquamarine Q6 is also on special at $120/ct,a give away price for this beautiful eye shaped Nigerian aqua here Custom cut gemstones

Aqua Q5 also offered at $120/ct  here Precision cut gemstones

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sapphire's on sale.

I have decided to offer the sapphire's currently listed on our website at a substantial discount for a limited time,this is a great opportunity if there is something there you like.
Quite frankly I shouldn't be doing this because these stones are worth every bit of what they're currently priced at but some of these have been on the website for a good while...the reason,well most of them are under 2 cts and they are unusual colors like purple/blue instead of the royal blue that always seems to be in demand.
Personally I prefer the unusual colors,this is one reason the Montana sapphires are in such demand right now and that's because almost all of them color shift in some way or another.
These African and Australian stones are all guaranteed no heat or treatments of any kind which is another plus,something you rarely see with Srilankan sapphire's.

This very nice Australian blue/green stone is a bit darker than the picture shows but is a great size at 1.8ct and 7.6mm vs,$400/ct.

This amazing little vivid purple stone is really something that must be seen to be appreciated and weighs in at 1.2ct 7.2x5.2mm,it has some faint rutile needles which are not eye visible and do not impact the brilliance of the gem. $500/ct

This is a nice little Winza Tanzanian light blue very clean sapphire,
1.12ct and 6mm $400/ct

Please note that I still offer a full refund on these stones but require a maximum two day inspection period from the day of receipt.

Precision cut gems

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some new sapphires cut.

A 1.73ct 6.6mm Montana blue/green color shift sapphire on hold pending approval from my client.

A blue yellow green Australian sapphire pair- 1.76tcw 5.5mm,these would be suitable for an earring set or very nice accent stones,the left stone has some inclusions and the right one is vvs.
Please call or email us for pricing. Sale pending!

Custom gem cutting

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Montana sapphire!

I have to admit the more I deal with these all American sapphire's the more enthralled I am by their beauty,some of them have an ethereal glow in the rough state that I've seldom seen in other sapphire's.
The beauty of these stones is very hard to capture with a digital processor but the human eye does perceive the subtle color play - no wonder they are in such high demand lately.
If you only like the rich royal blue of Kashmir or Ceylon sapphires then these gems are not for you but if you appreciate the exquisite mix of colors and subtle color shift of these all natural unheated gems then I doubt you would be disappointed in one of these beauties!

Pictured below is another two pictures of the 7.4ct very clean well shaped piece I'll be cutting soon as well as a smaller very clean 5.7ct stone which will yield around a 7mm square.
The hand shot clearly shows the beautiful blue/green of the stone,all were shot in natural subdued,indirect sunlight.

Custom cut gems

Friday, March 27, 2015

A nice sapphire pair!

These nice clean all natural Australian parti colored sapphires will cut a 6.5 to 7.0mm set of earrings or accent stones.

Custom Precision Cut Gems

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Garnets just in!

We just received this small parcel of very nice rhodolite garnets,they aren't big stones but they're clean and will cut some nice sets,a few are hard to find lighter toned gemstones.

Custom cut gemstones

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New rough gemstones!

I've acquired some top quality new select rough gemstones which are ready to be cut into spectacular custom designs.Listed below with images are just a few of these superb stones.

Custom gem cutting

A high quality blue/green color shift Montana sapphire of over 7ct,this gorgeous,well shaped stone should cut a stunning 2 - 3ct oval or round.

Custom cut gems

This old stock 90's premium quality rubelite tourmaline weighs in at over 21ct and is well shaped for a spectacular 8-10ct gem.There is just none of this quality type material coming out of the mines these days.

An 8+ct Tajic spinel from Afghanistan,this stone is nice and clean and will cut approximately an 8mm square or round gemstone.

Custom cut gemstones

Monday, March 16, 2015

Specials on certain gems

We've reduced the price on certain gems to make way for new inventory,some of these premium stones are priced very attractively and could not be replaced at these prices.Check it out!

Just two examples are this very fine one of a kind  20 carat custom Uruguayan amethyst reduced from $1850 to $1026,over $800 and this very fine and rare green Oregon sunstone reduced from $2650 -$1900,a reduction of more than $700.Never to be offered at these prices again.

This gem is now sold!

Custom Cut Gemstones

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New stones

A couple new gemstones available at reduced prices until listed on the website.

First up is a medium red/orange Malaya garnet from Tanzania weighing in at 3.5ct and 10mm.vvs - flawless,price $350

Next is a beautiful checker top Nigerian mint green tourmaline.
This stone is only 0.9 carat but is very bright and unusual.
Price $130

Custom cut gemstones

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New rough gems!

We have a parcel of rich orange spessertite garnets on the way,these are smaller stones suited to sets.
If you have an interest in commissioning a custom stone/s from these in a design of your choice please let us know as they will not last long.

American custom cut gemstones

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New stone available.

An all natural Pakistani imperial topaz cut in a custom round brilliant design.
This stone is so bright it would rival a diamond in light return - 1.95 ct 7.2mm flawless.
Available at $100/ct from custom cut gems

Precision cut gems

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gems no longer available!

Since I'm having a hard time getting website updates done on time I will post sold stones here on the blog so as not to waste my clients time having them try to buy gemstones which are already sold.

Latest sold is the 2.45ct bubblegum pink tourmaline and this Portuguese cut 5ct amethyst pictured here.

Custom cut gemstones

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new gemstone today!

I just finished this beautiful pool blue/green Nigerian indicolite tourmaline.
This stone was very time consuming because of the inclusions which had to be carefully removed and the end result is a compromise between a bigger included stone and a smaler clean one.

!.5ct 8x6mm vvs clarity very clean gemstone.Available for a limited time at $950.00 before it goes to the website,please contact me at to purchase.

Custom Cut Gemstones

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clear Cut Gems sale!

I have decided to extend the website sale but at 15% off list price on all gems through Valentines day 2015.Gems like this excellent green/blue tourmaline barion cushion recently sold for a s much as $245 off regular pricing which is an unbeatable value.

These are not gemstones you will find in many jewelers stores and discerning buyers who know and appreciate the huge difference are growing in numbers.A beautiful rare rough gemstone deserves the best cutting that money can buy and that's what you'll find at CCG.

I also do custom precision cutting on request so if you have a particular gemstone species in mind which is not on our website,I may be able to find and cut it for you in a design of your choice.
I will also cut your own rough material for a nominal fee.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous new year and hope you try CCG for your colored gemstone needs in 2015!

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