Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Never enough time!

Okay,so we've all said it and really meant it at the time but even though it seems like there is not enough of  that precious commodity called 'time',most of us can make time to work out,see friends and family and all the other things we should do,okay maybe not all of them."Where is this leading?" you say!Well I really didn't keep my last promise to be better about updating this blog and I again have no real excuse except that 'I have been real busy' so I'll try to redeem myself by posting a couple images of this weeks stones.
A light blue very bright 1.8ct 8.5x6.3mm,vs  Nigerian aquamarine cut in the one of the late great Jeff Grahams Barion rectangle cushion's called signature #3,the gem is super bright and no light return is wasted,almost no extinction at all,small veil and a few spots hidden away in one place under the girdle not visible with the naked eye but visible under 10x,the blue is prominent enough but light,so it would be good for all day wear but great under any lighting at night which is one of the reasons why aquamarine is know as an evening gemstone.

The second picture is a killer set of  natural Nigerian champagne zircons 3.4ct,7mm,flawless!
they are extremely bright with a light champagne,even color which doesn't quite show in the pictures because of the facets darkened by the reflection of the lens.The cut is one of my personal favorites because of the great light dispersion,for a rectangle this is uncommon as most designs have areas of extinction.The standard size and thinner girdle will make setting easier.

It has been a while since I have had a stone make it to the website,these will probably lot be listed but are available,please inquire for prices.